Hampton Roads Section

Membership Details

Membership to MTS offers many advantages in terms of professional growth, networking and industry support. By becoming a member you will be endorsing the objectives, policies and activities of MTS. You will also enjoy: 

  • Subscription to “Currents” and (depending on the membership) online or hard copy subscription to the Marine Technology Society Journal Discounted rates at many trade shows and Conferences.
  • Discounted rates for MTS lunch meetings.

 When filling out the application, be sure to select the Hampton Roads Sectionhttps://www.mtsociety.org/membership/

INDIVIDUALS (click here for online registration). – You will be linked into the MTS National web site.
Choice from one of five categories:

  • MEMBER: $75; Any person with professional interest in the marine field or a closely related field.
  • ASSOCIATE: $75; Any person with an interest in the marine field and supporting MTS objectives. 
  • STUDENT: $25; Must be a full-time student. 
  • PATRON: Any person supporting MTS objectives by contributing $100 or more annually. Contributions above $75 dues are tax deductible.
  • LIFE: $1000; One-time payment. 
  • EMERITUS: $40 Any person who is retired from active professional interest in the marine field.

CORPORATE(click here for online registration). – You will be linked into the MTS National web site.  As a corporate member, you may appoint representatives to the Society who have the same rights and privileges as other Members. Select from one of three categories: Please list designated representatives on your application form. 

  • BUSINESS – $550 a year
    Companies with gross annual income under $1 million)
    May appoint 6 representatives. 
  • INSTITUTIONAL – $550 a year
    Libraries, government units and other qualified not-profit organizations.
    May appoint 6 representatives. 
  • CORPORATE – Non Fortune 500 – $1000 a year
    Open to any Corporation
    May appoint 11 representatives to the Society.
  • CORPORATE – FORTUNE 500 – $2000 a year
    Fortune 500 Corporations
    May appoint 16 representatives to the Society.

MTS is a non-profit organization. Funds raised by the society support an active scholarship program aimed at encouraging academic achievement and industry involvement by young people.